The Ochre & Navy Blue Strap

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The Ochre & Navy Blue Strap

Dutch Cord | Ochre & Navy Blue

This compact and super strong camera wrist strap ensures a very safe feeling in every situation and when storing in the bag the wrist strap hardly takes up any space. The camera wristband comes with a free Anchor Link from Peak Design and is therefore a particularly strong combination with a carrying capacity of up to 90 kg. This also ensures that you can quickly switch to the camera strap that you need at that moment or that you can quickly make your camera strapless. This is useful, for example, when you are going to make a tight time-lapse or long exposure.


Product no# 7439606869873


  • Professionele camera polsband
  • Veilig om je pols
  • Uniek ontwerp
  • Snel en makkelijk te wisselen
  • Handgemaakt in Nederland
  • Hoogste kwalitiet orgineel paracord type III 550 uit de US
  • Quick-release systeem met Anchor Link van Peak Design
  • Totale draagkracht 90 kg


  • Kleur: Okergeel met Donkerblauw
  • Totale lengte: 42 cm
  • Breedte polsband:
  • Gewicht: 40 gram

Door deze afmetingen past de Dutch Cord Camera Wrist Strap aan alle camera’s met een strapring en om iedere volwassen pols.

Dutch Cord Camera Wrist Straps / Camera Polsriem / Draagriem / Polsband voor camera

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